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CAD Integration

Autodesk Inventor Welcomes Vault Into its Home (Page)

By     MAY 11, 2015

Rounding out the Vault Inventor add-in enhancements for 2016 (and maybe one from 2015 R2) the Inventor team has added Vault project details and file status to their homepage while we implemented support for drawing underlays and changed the method used for calculating modified date on local files (OK – thats the one we added first in 2015 R2).

In order to provide a complete homepage experience for Inventor users working in Vault, when you have a Vault project selected the Inventor home page shows recently opened Vaulted files along with the local files Vault status.  Users can even filter on state.

With Vault Status filters

In addition to third party reference support via AnyCAD (covered last week) Inventor 2016 also introduces support for AutoCAD underlays in the Inventor environment.  Vault 2016 provides underlay reference support allowing users to add, check in and check out drawing files used in Inventor models.

And last but by no means least, as part of ongoing efforts to streamline communication between Vault and Inventor, the 2016 release has implemented a new method for calculating modified date, to align with user intent on file open. 

The improvement means Inventor users will no longer see instances where 3rd party linked files are marked as “modified” by the operating system, simply because they were downloaded to disk. A small but highly impactful change to the integration mechanics.

– Allan