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Autodesk University

What you missed at this year's Autodesk University

By     NOVEMBER 21, 2017

I typically write a trip report post for Autodesk University – I decided this year that I would share it with the Fusion Lifecycle community.

My tip for you guys?  (It is Tuesday after all!).  As you are championing for Fusion Lifecycle at your company, remind your stakeholders how deploying the solution will save money over time.  I loved this slide from Brian Hunter’s class:

The AU content for all Fusion Lifecycle classes will be available online soon (I’ll be sure to let you know when!) – in the meantime, you can watch Brian Hunter’s presentation from our Accelerate Virtual event, which is very similar to what he showed at Autodesk University this year.

What else I learned at AU: Worried about robots taking your job?  Don’t be. The big takeaway from the Design and Manufacturing keynote:

Automation is good.

It frees up imagination, frees up constraints of manual manufacturing processes, and augments natural human beings. I, of course, enjoyed seeing one of the Fusion Lifecycle customers I’ve been working with this year featured in the keynote.

It was also the inaugural year for a new focus group – Autodesk Women in Manufacturing.  AU is a pretty big conference, so it was nice to meet and connect in a smaller space.  Follow us on Twitter @ADSK4womenMFG or Facebook throughout the year!

Something else I really enjoyed was meeting Sam Hobish from LimbForge – their story was presented on main stage.  You can read more on the Forge Community blog: LimbForge Uses Autodesk Fusion 360 / Forge to Design and Make Customized Prosthetic Limbs.

It was great to see customers using more of the Fusion platform – I was able to share some of the adoption team content with one of my Fusion Lifecycle customers that’s learning Fusion 360.

Overall, it was a great week of learning at AU, and the best part is that I’ll be bringing you guys more tips I learned over the coming weeks.

– Michelle Stone, Fusion Adoption Team