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App Friday

App Friday: Fusion Lifecycle Pumpkin Spice App

By     OCTOBER 27, 2017

Happy App Friday! Staying in step with the time of year, I thought I’d introduce a new FLC App: the Pumpkin Spice App. This App adds that just-right seasonal panache to your Fusion Lifecycle tenant, changing colors you can almost taste, until we fade into winter.

Of course J/K. Today’s feature App I’m showcasing is known as SQBR or: Supplier Quarterly Business Review. This is a single workspace that comes complete with calculations that help you track and monitor Supplier performance. Think of it as a historical report card for evaluating your vendors/suppliers/distributors.

First step: go to the Administration menu in Fusion Lifecycle and select App Store. Browse and look for the Supplier Quarterly Business Review (SQBR) App. Note that this is also adjacent to the Supplier Corrective Aciton Request (SCAR) App. We’ll discuss this in a future post, as these can work together. Select the SQBR app and check out the synopsis and sample images. Next, click Install to begin the process.

Once complete, you will be redirected to the Workspace Manager. Have a look at the SQBR (Supplier Quarterly Business Review) Workspace, the Item Details tab, the Workflow, and so on. But don’t forget to enable your Group to see the Role. Go to the Admin Group you’re part of, and add the new Roles that installed as part of the App. This is preset with all necessary tabs and Permissions enabled (of course you can configure others later…)

Next: head back to the Fusion Lifecycle Dashboard. Click your browser’s refresh/reload button, and look for the Workspace in the Main Menu. Click to create a new record. (You can optionally configure this Workspace to directly link from the Supplier’s Workspace as a linking pick-list. Do this from the Workspace Manager). Below is a sample record:

Note the ability to add scores in for the supplier. These add up via computed fields, and color code accordingly. Once you save the record, there are other tabs to capture information. The Issue/Comment tab for instance is a Grid tab. Also see the Attachments tab for any files that support this record.

Finally, the Workflow Actions tab is there to add process to the record. This includes states for departments, and a final Review Board state for all stakeholders before the SQBR is completed.

Hope you have a chance to check out this App. The SQBR Workspace in Fusion Lifecycle is easily configurable to link with other Workspaces and processes in Fusion Lifecycle. Enjoy!

– Brian Schanen, Product Manager, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle