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App Friday

App Friday! Apps Under Construction

By     JANUARY 26, 2018

Hello, and Happy App Friday.

This week’s post is about efforts underway to refresh some of the common workspaces (or “Apps”) in the Fusion Lifecycle App store. Many of these Apps date back to 2013. Given the age and the advancement of workflows and scripts, we’ve moved some to Under Construction. This means they are temporarily offline and are being updated with new scripting behaviors like Precondition Filters, better workflow maps, and other inputs from customers and partners.

If you visit the App Store, you’ll find that the following Apps are being updated to match the latest configuration in the Fusion Lifecycle default tenant:

  • New Product Introduction
  • Engineering Product Management
  • Change Management
  • Program Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Quality Management

But just as some are temporarily offline, there are other Apps that are on-deck to be reintroduced. For instance: MFG Costing to Engineering, Skills Management, and First Article Inspection Reports. These contain processes that fill out the broader PLM portfolio for some customers and industries, so they will soon be available for installing, sand-boxing, and implementing. Tune in and be ready to sample these as they become available. As always, feedback is welcome.

– Brian Schanen | Product Manager, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle