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Did you miss our webinar on PLM 360 Scripting?

By     FEBRUARY 12, 2016

Scripting Blog Post

In case you missed the Webinar hosted on Wednesday, it was terrific. Really terrific. I'm talking focused professional insights… FOR FREE.

How is that for blog shaming?

The Who:  Focused on users currently scripting. Some beginner tips but mainly Intermediate and beyond.
The What: Scripting examples both used in production workspaces by PLM administrators.

Some tips I found useful

    * Use a Sandbox.
    * Use what is already there, don't reinvent.
    * You can't always do it in one script.
    * Heads Up!  Testing a script means running it in the workspace.     

    *Best tip of all.  WATCH THE WEBINAR!

The webinar should release next week to view on demand so until that happens, here are some excellent tips from Trung.

Tyler Beck, Tech Marketing