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Accelerate Conference

Implementing PLM with Measles and More

By     AUGUST 4, 2017

In case you haven’t heard, we’re bringing our Accelerate conference back to Boston, MA this September! This will be our 4th annual product development conference, and our 2nd year broadening the topics to include not only PLM, but also IoT (Internet of Things) and CAD/CAM. Accelerate is really a unique event, as most all of our sessions/keynotes are led by real-life users of these products – you get the opportunity to hear about the challenges other companies have faced, and the solutions they’ve found.

One of these sessions will be led by UK company Chamberlin & Hill Castings, a leading manufacturer of automotive bearing houses. Chamberlin & Hill is the light castings division of Chamberlin plc, specializing in castings up to approximately 40kg, often with complex shapes and fine tolerances requiring highly skilled manufacturing methods – predominantly supplied to the automotive industry. If you drive a BMW or Audi, of if you’re lucky enough to own a Ferrari or Maserati, you might already own some of their products.

Chamberlin Hill Blog

To help them stay ahead of the competition, Chamberlin and Hill decided to implement a PLM solution for the purposes of increasing efficiency and manufacturing the highest quality products. In this Accelerate session, Technical Manager Rob Heyworth will discuss the reasons why they chose Fusion Lifecycle, as well as the business processes they implemented first. In addition to talking about Quality Management and Change Management, Rob will do a live demonstration showing a number of the most business-critical areas of PLM, as well as how they extended PLM to record Inspections visually and present them back in a unique way known as the “Measles Chart”.

In the meantime, check out their customer testimonial below, and learn how to get registered for Accelerate here.

— Kimberly Stout, Community Manager