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Accelerate 2016 Sessions: Advanced

By     AUGUST 24, 2016

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Last week we introduced a few of the Intermediate Accelerate 2016 sessions, which will be led by customers who are newer to Fusion Lifecycle. You can check out that blog post here. This week I want to share details about a few of the more advanced sessions led by some of our longer-term users of PLM.

Nelson Global: PLM, from there to here

Brought to you by sponsor MasterGraphics. For Nelson Global, standardization is key to their success – with ERP to standardize transactions, and PDM to standardize their CAD data, they went in search of a tool to help them standardize their processes. Don Gibson will walk through the steps to evaluating and implementing a PLM system.

Better Together: You got your ERP in my PLM!

This session, led by sponsor Netsuite, will showcase the value of PLM and ERP together. Featuring customers such as Kjiel Carlson from Winc.

Novacentrix: Quality and Savings with PLM

Novacentrix, a small privately-owned company, was able to find major business savings with the help of PLM. Quality Control Manager Brian Hunter will discuss the specific challenges faced, and how they’ve implemented PLM for Quality Management. Other topics will include their usage of Fusion 360 and recent experience with Cloud PDM.

Behlen MFG: From Paper to the Cloud

This one’s perfect for our more advanced users. From receiving a building order, all the way to the building being assembled on the job site – Shane Wemhoff of Behlen Mfg. will show you how they’ve used PLM workspaces. In the tenant, he’ll show how they converted Excel spread sheets, Word docs etc. into workspaces and created advanced print views, as well as show workflows and some reporting.

SureTank: PLM to the Rescue

Barry Woods from SureTank is back at Accelerate. Now 3 years into their usage of Fusion Lifecycle, Barry will show how the flexibility of PLM has allowed them to add both new processes and products, with ease.


The detailed conference agenda will be live on our event site within the next day. Make sure to check out the PDF to get an idea of what sessions you'd like to attend! If you have any questions about Accelerate, please reach out to me at:

– Kimberly Stout, Community Manager