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App Friday

App Friday! Apps Under Construction

Given the age and the advancement of workflows and scripts, we’ve moved some of our Apps to “…
By Brian Schanen     JANUARY 26, 2018
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Tip Tuesday! Sharing Reports in Fusion Lifecycle

When setting up a report, you can specify the Report Access as Private, Shared or Public.  In this…
By Michelle Stone     JANUARY 23, 2018
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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday! Signing in to Fusion Lifecycle

Here are a few tips I’ve gathered over the years to help folks that may have never used Autodesk p…
By Michelle Stone     JANUARY 16, 2018
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Tip Tuesday! Use Milestones to Help Keep Product Development on Track

Did you know you can use the createMileStones library function in Fusion Lifecycle to automatically…
By Michelle Stone     JANUARY 9, 2018
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Tips & Tricks

New Year Resolution: Read / Watch more PLM Content

Here are just a few recommendations for PLM material to check out this year.…
By Michelle Stone     JANUARY 5, 2018
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Autodesk University

On Demand: Implementing Fusion Lifecycle

As Michelle Stone mentioned in last week’s post, there are tons of great Fusion Lifecycle clas…
By Kimberly Stout     DECEMBER 13, 2017
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Autodesk University

Autodesk University: Fusion Lifecycle Class Recordings Available

Miss out on the chance to attend Autodesk University 2017? You can now view some of the Fusion Lifec…
By Michelle Stone     DECEMBER 5, 2017
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App Friday

App Friday! Tying apps together in Fusion Lifecycle

Today we show you how you can “tie the room together” with the SQBR and SCAR apps.…
By Brian Schanen     DECEMBER 1, 2017
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Fusion Lifecycle Updates

Tip Tuesday! License to Thrill

Learn the difference between these 3 Fusion Lifecycle license types: Participant, Professional, and…
By Michelle Stone     NOVEMBER 28, 2017
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Blog Authors

Kimberly Stout

Kimberly is a Community Manager at Autodesk, focused on supporting the PLM (Fusion Lifecycle) and IoT (Fusion Connect) products.

Brian Schanen

Brian Schanen works for Autodesk as a Product Manager for Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.

Michelle Stone

Michelle is an Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Product Manager.

Tyler Beck

Tyler is an Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager for Fusion Lifecycle & Vault.

Fred Smith

Fred Smith is a Houston-based product development specialist who has spent 25+ years romping around the aerospace, medical device, energy, and software industries.

Saoirse Colgan

Saoirse is a PLM technical consultant that has been working with Fusion Lifecycle for 6 years.

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