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Winning in Product Development: NPI Resources to Get You Started

By     JUNE 5, 2017

When it comes to developing new products and bringing them to market, the design is only the beginning. Manufacturing companies report facing similar challenges along the way – from launch delays, issues tracking changes, and prioritization, to blowing out the budget, and facing quality concerns. With fierce competition, successfully launching quality products on time and on budget is critical to a company’s success. That’s exactly why being able to manage their processes and learn from data in real-time is of the utmost importance.

With New Product Introduction / Development tools, companies are able to quickly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks, setup real-time process workflows to manage the progress of each task, and track stage-gate milestones easily and visually – all in one system. If you find yourself facing some of these challenges, and are looking for a solution – or if you’re simply curious about what tools are out there, here are a few resources to get you started.

Quick Video: New Product Development

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– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing