Fusion Lifecycle Apps

Improve the way you work - instantly. Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle Apps are groups of features and workspaces that work together to perform critical business functions. Fusion Lifecycle apps get you up and running quickly with best-practice processes that you can fully configure to meet your exact needs.

  • Accident Reports

    Avoid penalties and keep a complete record of work-related injuries with the Accident Report App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.

  • Autodesk Services Implementation Tracker

    Manage your Autodesk implementation with the Autodesk Services Implementation Tracker, powered by Fusion Lifecycle. Build your implementation plan in Phases and Sprints, use the project management capabilities to quickly see the progress of you project.

  • CE Marking

    Use the CE Marking Fusion Lifecycle App to manage your approval stages needed for the affixing of the CE marking on your product. Track when the EC Declaration Of Conformity is completed and get a automatically generated document ready to sign.

  • Customer Management

    The Customer Management App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle can connect your customer data to all of your processes currently or soon to be managed by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.

  • Design Review

    Manage your design review requirements, issues, concerns, and discuss alternatives with the Design Review App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.

  • Deviation / Waiver Request

    The Deviation / Waiver Request provide an exception to the normal standard process allowing the use of a part or design during a short period of time, certain quantity build, or design phase.

  • Document Control

    The Document Control App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides an effective and secure means to distribute, enforce standards, and manage change of your documents.

  • Engineering Change Management

    The Engineering Change Management App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a repeatable request, review, analysis, and change implementation process that is flexible for a number of typical engineering related changes.

  • Engineering Product Management

    The Engineering Product Management powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a central view into all of the processes related to your product.

  • Field Failure Request

    The Field Failure Request App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle enables your field technicians to communicate quality issues onsite on any device, and at any time.

  • FMEA Analysis

    Use the Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) app to review as your components, assemblies, and subsystems and record the results for each type for Functional, Design or Process FMEA analysis.

  • Lean 5S Auditing

    The Lean 5S Audit app, helps you to check that all the 5S processes have been carried out correctly. This app helps you to audit the processes for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardization and Sustain. Giving each stage a store to make sure you complete the audit before you can move to the next phase.

  • Manufacturing Asset Management

    Get the tools you need to collect and analyze data related to assets so you can keep them available and in good shape.

  • Marketing Asset Management

    Marketing Asset Management app can be used for the management, control, tracking, and distribution of brand assets, marketing materials, sales tools and creative materials.

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management Powered by Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle delivers the tools manufacturers need to collect and analyze quality data, define inspection standards, track and communicate non-conformances, initiate corrective action, and respond to problems as soon as or even before they occur.

  • Return Merchandise Authorization

    The Return Merchandise Authorization App powered by Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a standardized and repeatable means to manage the RMA process.

  • Supplier Management

    Supply and Procurement applications in Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle help everyone in the organization involved with the negotiation, purchase, and receipt of goods and services work from Supplier information.

  • Supplier Quarterly Business Review (SQBR)

    Supplier Quarterly Business Review (SQBR) helps everyone in the organization to visualize the Supplier Performance.

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