Product Data Management (PDM) with Autodesk Vault

Product Data Management

Keep everyone working from and collaborating around the same design data. Fusion Lifecycle PDM capabilities allows Engineering teams to organize, manage, share and track product data.

Manage CAD & Design Documents

Managing design data is as easy and intuitive as saving files to folders.

  • Automatic revision control and versioning
  • Manage 2D & 3D CAD files: Fusion 360, Autodesk® Inventor, AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®
  • Other design documentation: Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, and more

Connect Engineering to the Enterprise

Connect the design department with downstream processes.

  • Manage BOMs and ECOs
  • Central source of shared data
  • Understand the “who, what, and why” of change requests

View 2D & 3D Files

Fusion improves collaboration and communication by making it easy for everyone to see and understand your designs.

  • Web-based viewing of models and drawings brings rich visualization right in a browser
  • Support for over 50 file formats, you can view, share, and review designs with your extended team and suppliers

Markup & Review Designs

Fusion makes it easy to communicate and get feedback from your project stakeholders in real-time.

  • Upload any file and create a link to instantly share your 3D models or 2D drawings
  • Gather feedback in one centralized location from multiple reviewers instead of using email, spreadsheets, and meetings

Find Information Quickly

Find the answers with a single search in Fusion Lifecycle.

  • Search, filter and find project information quickly across models, complex assemblies, bills of materials, and associated design documents
  • Cloud-based means your team has secure access to the data they need anytime, anywhere
  • Stop wasting time searching for data in emails, spreadsheets, and shared drives
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