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Advanced Change Order Reporting in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on July 14th 2017

A few weeks ago Sven Dickmans gave us a great way to add a watermark to an Advanced Print View in Fusion Lifecycle. Well, he’s topped that with giving us a super advanced Advanced Print View. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Avoid Tardy Change Orders in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on June 13th 2017

Fusion Lifecycle offers notifications - those friendly emails that remind you a change order is ready for approval. But, it doesn’t stop there. You can bring in the big gun: ESCALATION. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Add Related Items to BOM and Change Orders

Added on March 22nd 2016

A big time saver when working with Bill of Materials is to add affected items.  If you have a significant BOM structure, you can grab parents and children all at once. This eliminates errors and serves as a catch all, as well as provides an understanding of what your proposed changes might do to corresponding parts […] Read more

Vault ECO – You Must be This Tall to Ride

Added on February 11th 2016

This post may be an exercise in the bleeding obvious for some, but I thought as a final post on the ECO topic (for now) it may be worthwhile to provide some guidelines for working with change orders, in terms of who can do what.  For a more detailed understanding of ECO roles and permissions […] Read more

Vault ECO – Not so fast with that state change!

Added on February 4th 2016

We have spent a fair bit of time now learning how to control file and item release process through Vault ECO 's, releasing items when the ECO is done, making sure no changes can be made to files and items unless they are associated with an ECO and ensuring that the ECO cannot be moved […] Read more

Vault ECO – Finishing your Work so it can be checked or reviewed

Added on January 21st 2016

Another useful Change Order control we have traditionally managed via system settings is the ability to limit transition out of the "work" phase based on object lifecycle state, put simply, not allowing users to send a document for review while it is still in a working state.   This can be important in many processes as we want some […] Read more

Vault ECO – How do I enforce this stuff?

Added on January 14th 2016

There has been a number of subtle changes to ECO object behaviors of late, with the extension of flexible lifecycle definitions to items and addition of ECO record support to files we have seen necessary changes to the close ECO behavior as detailed in my last post, but also the addition of new properties and settings to control ECO […] Read more

Vault ECO is Done – What Now?

Added on January 7th 2016

This blog relates to a change we made some time back, but this has some renewed importance with the modifications we made to Item lifecycles, specifically, merging these with the file lifecycle definitions to provide more flexible release processes and states. In the olden days of ECO when you approved the ECO and the Change Administrator […] Read more

Feature Friday: Gearing Up to Talk About Lifecycle Transition Checking in PLM 360

Added on May 30th 2014

Let’s talk about a new feature we recently released to help your Change Management process. Perhaps when creating the Change Order and adding the parts to the Affected Items tab it’s still up in the air as to which release path they would follow – is this an initial design revision or are we going […] Read more

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