Bill of Materials

Feature Friday: What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle – March 2017

Added on March 10th 2017

The latest release of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle (PLM) has quite a few improvements for the modern interface. Read more

Fusion Lifecycle: BOM Import Types Explained

Added on February 10th 2017

Importing data in Fusion Lifecycle PLM is something everyone should be comfortable doing. It's the fastest way to make changes and get your data Into the system, and the fastest way to remove unwanted data. This video walks you through the three BOM imports in Fusion Lifecycle. Read more

Managing Bill of Materials – What’s the best tool?

Added on November 11th 2016

What is the best tool for managing bill of materials at your company – Pencil, spreadsheets, Google Docs or PLM? Read more

Tip Tuesday! Getting your Product Data in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on November 1st 2016

Today’s tip comes from an Autodesk Community post – a user was getting a BOM import error on Unit of Measure Column. He did some self serving by finding the answer in Help... Read more

Four ways to increase productivity with better BOM management

Added on October 21st 2016

Four ways to be more productive with Bill of Materials. Read more

What should be included on the Bill of Materials?

Added on October 12th 2016

In the product development lifecycle, the bill of materials (BOM) serves much the same function: a document that teaches manufacturing operations how to actually create the product the design team has dreamed up. In starting product development, companies need to not only create a BOM, but also be aware of some crucial questions. Read more

Have a Part Number System Your Bill of Materials Can Be Proud Of

Added on October 7th 2016

Any manufactured product is made out of different parts, which can number in the single digits, or the hundreds, or the thousands. Because the company needs to manage and track these parts through the entire product development lifecycle, part numbers are created as a standard method for referencing parts. It’s not unlike the number beneath […] Read more

Managing Bill of Materials with PLM

Added on October 5th 2016

Imagine using a cool, intelligent tool for your designs and engineering – it's called CAD.  Now imagine using a napkin and pencil for your bill of materials. It may seem a bit extreme, but that's how lots of companies do it today. Not much technology goes into keeping the product recipe intelligent.  I digress.  If your […] Read more

Ten key things to consider when picking a Bill of Materials Tool

Added on September 8th 2016

If you’re committed to investing in a bill of materials (BOM) management tool, that’s a big step in the right direction to creating a product development lifecycle that has structured processes, is repeatable, and reduces the risk of error. Unfortunately, finding the right solution for your business isn’t necessarily easy, so I’ve compiled ten key […] Read more

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